IWM Corporation provides Boiler Water Treatment Services in the Midwest area. Our boiler water treatment service helps Customers maintain heat transfer surfaces free from scale, deposits and corrosion within the boiler system. If deposits and corrosion occur in the boiler system, boiler tube failures are likely to result, requiring costly repair and operation downtime.

IWM Services Include:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Monthly Water Treatment Applications
  • Chemicals Included in Monthly Service
  • Control Equipment and Supply Management
  • Monthly Water Testing and Reporting
  • Review and Optimization of Control Procedures
  • Web-Based Service Management and Reporting

IWM Boiler Water Treatment Service is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers to ensure that controlled water syatems are operated at maxium effeciency.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Extend Life of Equipment
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Elimination of Industrial Plant Downtime
  • Governmental Regulation Compliance
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Elimination of Chemical Storage
  • Reduced Water Consumption and Loss
  • Overall Energy Conservation
  • Peace of Mind