Closed water systems use heat exchangers, circulating water in a closed loop. In closed water systems, such as chilled, heated, and steam loops, the interiors of boilers and pipes cannot be viewed since they are permanently hidden from view. Therefore, problems such as corrosion, scaling and fouling can continue unrestricted until the closed system ruptures or completely fails. Closed water system damage can be caused by corrosion and rust. Reduced heat transfer and system inefficiency caused by these increases energy costs. Protective monitoring must be applied to keep closed recirculating or closed loops closed water systems running efficiently. Through the initial assessment of your closed water systems, we measure corrosion, scaling, and fouling tendencies of the current process. Based on that analysis, we recommend a closed system treatment program customized to your operation. IWM™'s experienced technicians will provide ongoing service to monitor and correct the chemistry of circulating water in your closed system to prevent irreversible damage from harmful chemical reactions.

IWM Services Include:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Chemicals Included in Monthly Service
  • Control Equipment and Supply Management
  • Monthly Water Testing and Reporting
  • Review and Optimization of Control Procedures
  • Web-Based Service Management and Reporting

The primary objective of IWM's Closed Water System Treatment Service is to make recommendations to maximize reliability and consistency in operations and to provide everything you need to keep your closed water system running at peak performance. IWM Corporation's closed system treatment consulting service provides you with recommendations that will:

  • Extended Life of Your Equipment
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs
  • Elimination of Industrial Plant Downtime
  • Governmental Regulation Compliance
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Elimination of Chemical Storage
  • Mitigate Water Consumption and Loss
  • Overall Energy Conservation
  • Peace of Mind